Sunday, February 24, 2008

Normalcy is Great!

Ahhhhh what a refreshing weekend Nemo allowed us. This was the first weekend in a long time that we were able to do normal people things without Brooke feeling sick. For Valentines Day I got her gift certificates to get a pedicure. Saturday did she not only get her pedicure, she also got a haircut! Now for non-pregnant women and even most pregnant women this is no big deal. But for Brooke this was pretty big. She hasn't really been out of the house since mid-January besides to go to the doctor and to church.

We also went out to eat today with our Life Group. Thanks to lactating mom's who can't eat spicy mexican, TGI Friday's was such a great choice. Mainly because they put alcohol in their food. Not a big deal on most occasions, but when you haven't put any alcohol into your body since Thanksgiving, getting a little bit of Jack Daniels in your burger and sauce is great! Although, you can't really taste it too much nor does it give you any kind of special feeling. Today was the first time that we have been inside a restaurant since December 23. She felt good and the the large smell of food didn't even bother her.

Now we can only hope for normalcy, or as normal as can be for a pregnant women, through the rest of the pregnancy.

Monday, February 4, 2008

14 weeks and starting to look pregnant

After a really rough time last week - I had the flu and the only treatment I could take was some Tylenol and orange juice - I was back to work today. It finally happened someone noticed I was pregnant! A patient who I'd seen a number of times before was kind of staring at my stomach and looking at me quizically, to which I responded "Yes, I'm pregnant if that's what you were wondering". She broke out into a big smile and said enthusiastically "I thought so!" That made me smile - I'm beyond looking fat and finally looking pregnant!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

New Career = New Life

So, a week ago I left the horrible, aggressive world of bank sales and moved on to what I love most - operations. No not on people, but in the business sense. Monday was my first day at Initech...I mean Raytheon. It's funny to see how similar the two are: large rectangular office building, rows upon rows of cubes, TPS reports, vernacular no one on the outside will ever understand.

Raytheon is such a welcomed new career path for me and our family. No weekends, no 8:00 p.m. dinners, no sales stress, no micromanagement. I get my own work space....I don't have to share it with four other people. The flexibility that Raytheon provides is so nice. I'll be able to go with Brooke to all of her OB appoinments and not have to take any vacation time...that's the beauty of going in when you want and leaving when you want. Just make sure your work is done and you work your 40 hours. The first week has been great and I only expect that to continue. Praise God for his mighty powers and how he always has things worked out for us!