Monday, March 16, 2009

He's on the move

Breckin has recently started to really get around the house. He hasn't quite gotten down the skill of moving knees and hands together, so he's resorted to being an inch worm for now.

Tonight he mastered the skill of pulling himself up to the ottoman. No longer can we use it to keep the expensive toys, the laptop, camera, and video camera, away from Breckin.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Mi Amore

Breckin VS. The Puffs

For several weeks now, we have been giving Breckin puffs to work on his pincer grasp. He's not really mastered that task..... the puffs get pushed off the highchair, stuck to his hands (where he forgets about them) or fall into the pocket on his bib. Well, this past week Breckin had a milestone - he figured out how to get the puffs in his mouth short of lowering his face to the tray and lapping them up. He used every square inch of his hands and some of his arms to get them to his mouth; but he didn't care, he was loving their sweet potato goodness!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My little Monkey

What new toy can I find?

Allison warned me that he would come after the shoes - I didn't believe her. I mean, they stink - why would anyone want to put their face near them, let alone chew on them! Now that Breckin is mobile he gets into the weirdest stuff: the fireplace, magazines, flower arrangements. Just when I think we've got the place baby proofed Breckin finds more stuff to get into!