Thursday, May 20, 2010

Catching Up....

Oh, what a bad blogger am I - it's been over way too long since I've posted anything! I'm going to do my best to fill in the important details of what has happened since I posted last and then get on to what you all really want, pictures of Breckin.

God is so good. Now, this isn't news to any of you but I'm still really excited about the ways He has blessed us lately. As of mid-February, I am no longer a full-time working mom. I am now a part-time working mom. God has provided a new job for me, working 3 days a week that pays almost as much as I was making working 5 days a week. How cool is that?!?! So now Breckin and I get extra time together to do mundane stuff like cleaning and grocery shopping as well as fun stuff like playing at the park, going to have lunch with Daddy at his work, and playing in the pool.

Our house has been (and will continue to be) grand central station. We've enjoyed visits from my Aunt Carel and Uncle Dave, my sister Heather and brother Brad, my mom and Will's sister and brother-in-law. His parents are coming to visit. Breckin has really enjoyed having all sorts of different people to dote on him.

As for our little man - he is growing by leaps and bounds! His personality is developing more and more as we move towards the 2 year old mark. He has distinct ideas of what he wants and more often what he doesn't want. His favorite sayings are "no Mama" and "miiiiiiiiine". He absolutley loves to play outside - getting dirty, pulling weeds like Daddy and torturing the dog by hiding her ball in places she can't get to it. If he hears a bird or an airplane while outside, he'll stop what he's doing look to the sky and point while saying "tweet tweet" or "airpea" accordingly. His love affair with Elmo continues, but he has added the movie Cars to his list of favorites now too (we have watched that movie so many times that Mommy, Daddy and Breckin alike can quote large portions of it). Breckin loves making people laugh and will do so by showing you his muscles (while growling, of course), winking both eyes at you or walking around the house with a bucket on his head. I could go on and on about all the little things that make my kiddo so special, but I have a feeling you will all quit reading and scroll down to the pictures anyhow.

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Angbrad03 said...

Well, its about time!! Better keep this thing more current, I'll need my long-distance Breckin fix! Miss you guys already!